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Andres, things are changing. balance is tipped. new roles, old values. i wanna go back to the night shif and hide.

To Anne: A gulo. minsan gusto ko nalang bumlik sa pkking agent. ppsok clip ang backpack naka tshirt, maong, chuck taylors yun umuwing ala niisip na trabaho. log out, toma, uwi, tulog. sarap balikan. ah! blog mo nga to anne?

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capitol skies

it's the holy weak.

processed helium

i miss the province. anne and i were just talking about it this morning...

Sunday, March 2, 2008


tracy mahal and me

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move on?

out land ad venture


gods and goddesses. tae ang korni ng caption utot!


jacqueline and nicolas here pasta is good in that little coffee house wit wifi and humble maidservants ithink the place is called coffee spot i am not so sure now

nicht gute

this is joachim and diego so we went to blugre a thing of the past place i don't like the carbonara sweet and milky meeeeyn!

hannah and me

nga? nga?who stumped the keeypac with e toothpick

frozen beer dude!

the isda and gemma and hannah

jaqi and gemma here

magic and the isda here

yellow haus

wit bank officer val and single celeste. hahah! freak man we was out dining real kewl quaint isolated place like you wouldn't know there exists

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dyke tops


dyke tops


dyke tops

Monday, December 31, 2007

text run

Not Home

could have. two days away before christmas eve am out of reach.glad got that kissing in the rain file off teh wire.

this perhaps sums it up. no more talks of laptops though am constantly reminded of what it is worth.

that precise instance. wheelin anne and rob. what more can silhouettes reveal? riches on the brink, names and tags, mighty jobs, burning eyes of sunlit mornings the planets rearrange. and the days will come...

here my name is andres. who is chicken satay? doreen will be greeting the turn goodbye. and what it revealed the suicidal bear hangin shy.

ally is nowhere to be found. may have finally succumb to impossibility having felt the frozen bareness of the holidays.

chris cornell sings sunshower in my ears. and i‘m free falling people rushing where i see them. am sitting a far distant. i‘m still here. it is cold.

am just playing wit my new toy.

Parcels Sent

we savin for the last stretch home.and the humming of the angels rise with the ashes.the bones collected now soaked in linolium bathing in the bucket. what years gone days of wasted now ceases to conspire. and dreaming when it is over thrives on the streets of bleak. what time has abandoned now reaping the fruits long forgotten. and we lay silent. we spin. swirling but not moving like the world below us.

the year is about full and the days tipped over crossing the brim. the sign o things to come there was none. and this may be near over yet. or we may run away.

never spoke of faith and for what it‘s worth it has been giving me, i have not settled my debts in the open. hidden in my backpack, my selfish commodity my isolated friend. what shame when it take its toll on me. it has got me through this year my salvation army am hoarding.

The Weaker Year

this would have been an ant hilling year. everything was just goin the ordinary had it not for the last quarter basks. i have not forgotten of course that my post was the heaven's most surprisingly fantastic gift i received at the turn of this year and the overwhelming privilige of the unworthy has kept me going through the most trying of times.

the middle of the year had me wishing to be hospitalized which to say, is not a very good thing to wish for, though i only happen to be the most religious of all well wishers in the pack.

this is not a very easiy year. considering the statutory predisposition known, the year saw the constant waxing of the moon. allies come in platoons vanished at dawn.never seen the spring of sunrise.things remain under the ground.

Batang Pasay

naisip ko lang.mahigit dalawang taon.gigising ka malaman mo ikaw ang pinakamatayog sa lahat gugustohin mo rin bumaba.tae nagkalat yun mga dumi ng aso sa daan.nung huling salubong inaabangan ko kung patutugtogin nila ulit yun mga kanta ni beyonce sa dulo ng prosesyon.mailang polo shirt ko na rin ang napunit mga pantalong nawalan ng butones sa tuwing nagpapalaundry.sige lang.naikot ko na rin yata mga maliliit na kainan kakababoy,mailang beses na sinita ng mga sikyu.durogista ampotah.narealize ko,pag nakapormal ka galing trabaho sa madaling araw,pasisingitin ka sa pila sa bilihan ng pan de sal.magalang! madalas sa fire exit sa latak ng kape upos ng yosi me mga kwentuhan na rin ng tropa ni bryan ang politikong bayan o basta lang mapagtambay tanaw lahat ng pasay.ang batang pasay. mabaho sa pasay.ibang iba pag umaalis.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

kurdapia playing with andres fon. aha!touch screen slide finger print voice command

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry i guess

s c o o t l o o t s

b o o z e n e c k e d

Sunday, December 23, 2007

wu bist du?

n o t h o m e